Animal ethical and ecological values are important to me, and I take them into account very carefully. I use recycled materials as much as possible and I avoid animal products. Synesteettinen Sivellin has also donated a part of the earnings to support several charities.

Synesteettinen Sivellin and charity

• In January 2017 we donated over 35 % of our profits from the Fair Christmas Gift Fair to the Disaster Relief Fund of Finnish Red Cross and to the Children’s Emergency Fund of UNICEF.

In November 2016 Synesteettinen Sivellin donated a piece worth 110 € to an organization called Friends of Homeless Dogs.

• In September 2016 we collected money for the Tuulispää Animal Sanctuary that is a retirement home and rescue shelter for farm animals. People bought 116,50 € worth of charity products from Synesteettinen Sivellin.

• In May 2016 Synesteettinen Sivellin donated a piece worth 190 € to an organization called Friends of Homeless Dogs. With the profits they could partly fund a new microscope to the clinic of Save the Dogs.

• Years 2014 – 2016 Synesteettinen Sivellin has donated several products to a local section of an animal rights organization, Animalia Joensuu.

• At Christmas 2015 Synesteettinen Sivellin supported the Tuulispää Animal Sanctuary.

• At Christmas 2015 Synesteettinen Sivellin created a Christmas card illustration for Vegaaniliitto (The Vegan Society of Finland).

• In 2014 Synesteettinen Sivellin donated money to the new children’s hospital in Finland.

• In 2014 Synesteettinen Sivellin donated money to the Common Responsibility Campaign.

List of vegan art supplies

The year was 2014 when I realized that making art isn’t automatically an animal friendly activity. There are animal parts everywhere: papers may include gelatin, pencils animal fat and paints bone char. I started to explore the ingredients in the tools and materials that I use, and started to modify my art habits.

List of vegan and cruelty free art tools and materials

This list is created by vegan artist Pekka Hokkanen. I have added only a few products.

  • AT RST-Clean -aerosol for stainless steel

  • A.Wennström fixative for pencil and carbon drawings

  • All the Bostik-products including the blu-tack

  • Caligo-printmaking set

  • All of the Canson-papers excluding Arches

  • Charbonnel Aqua Wash -printmaking set, oil, transparent

  • Following products from Daler Rowney:
    • All the painting canvases and tools excluding Saunders Waterford –papers and -canvases
    • All the Artist Oil Colours-paints excluding the Ivory Black and Blue Black
    • All the Georgian Oil Colours-paints excluding Ivory Black, Prussian Green and Coeruleum Hue
    • All the Cryla– and Cryla Flow -paints excluding Ivory Black
    • All the Designer’s Gouache –paints excluding Neutral Grey 2, Paynes Grey, Lamp
    • Black, Cool Grey 1,2 & 3 and Warm Grey 1,2 & 3.
    • All the System 3 –paints excluding Raw Sienna
    • All the Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Inks
    • All the F.W. Artist Inks
    • All the Rowney Block Printing Colours
    • Dalon– and Cryla-brushes

  • Following products from Derwent:
    • colour soft pencils
    • inktense pencils
    • graphitint pencils
    • aquatone pencils
    • metallics pencils
    • graphitone pencils
    • pastel pencils and pastel blocks -pencils
    • charcoal pencils– and charcoal blocks -pencils
    • graphic pencils B-H9 (pencils 2B-9B include animal fat)

  • Eri Keeper -glue

  • All the products of Faber-Castell are vegan

  • Fabriano papers excluding Roma, Esportazione and Secolo XIII. (Accademia is also acidfree)

  • Hahnemuhle printing paper

  • Magnani Pescia printing paper use to be vegan, but they are not sure anymore.

  • Neo-Amisept cleaning product

  • Rohrer Indian Ink, NOTE: ONLY THE SIZE 50ml (the bigger ones include shellac)

  • Talens drawing ink

  • Tempera chalk powder

  • Winsor & Newton has many vegan products. The list of their UNVEGAN products is here

  • Yasutomo Sumi Ink, WITH KY-MARKING, (KF is unvegan, it includes shellac)