Limppu Witick

Laura “Limppu” Witick

When Finns see my business card for the first time they usually start laughing. That’s because Limppu literally means “a loaf of bread”. My father invented that nickname for me when I was just born, though he has already forgotten why he started to call me that in the first place.

I graduated as a Master of Theology in 2016, and after that I started to paint and draw for a living. I mostly do commissions: customers send me photos that I will draw. From 2015 till 2017 I also created my first art exhibition called “Mercy!”. Mercy! was about the relationship between God and animals in Christianity.

I think that taking animal rights into account is very important, so I only use vegan materials and tools when creating art. With a part of my earnings I’ve supported several charities.


Limppu Witick

  • Born in 1991, Kokkola, Finland

Art studies

  • Some art courses in Adult Education Centre of Joensuu
  • Fine Arts Diploma of Upper secondary school 2010 (grade: 5/5)
  • Visual arts oriented upper secondary school 2007–2010
  • Kokkola Art School for Children and Young People 1998–2006

Other studies