Limppu Witick is a Finnish artist and animal rights activist. Synesteettinen Sivellin (in English: Synesthetic Brush) is her little art business that is based on animal ethical values.

Customers send me photos that they would like to be drawn and I’ll get cracking. Order unique art for yourself or as a gift.

Pencil drawings based on your photo

Order pencil portraits of people and animals! A portrait is a unique gift but it is also a delight on your own wall. I’ll create the drawings on a high quality paper. They will be varnished and then sent in folders to the customers.

Mercy! -Art Exhibition

“Mercy!” is Limppu Witick’s very first art exhibition. The exhibition guides to a new kind of moral reflection towards animals. It will gently wake up the people to think about the content of “love thy neighbor”.

The art exhibition is held at Kulttuurikahvila Laituri, Joensuu, Finland from 5th October till 31th October. You are warmly welcome!

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About the artist

I think that the color purple is a treat for the eye and that synthetic brushes are awesome.

Animal friendly products

Prints, cards and toys! Synesthetic Brush favors recycled materials in their products and avoids animal-derived supplies.